Non-Profit Support


ArcByte Non-Profit Support Programs

ArcByte, Inc. was founded in part by Lela McFarland.  Ms. McFarland, fresh out of college, was a career councilor and job skills educator with a women's homeless shelter.  One of the largest obstacles that Ms. McFarland faced in providing1 good job-skills training was obtaining the computer equipment necessary to teach basic computer skills.  Computer skills were quickly becoming a necessary skill to help move her clients from being limited to a fast-food job to being able to break into a professional career that could adequately support their families.

After leaving her position as a job skills educator, Ms. McFarland worked in several other non-profit organizations.  One of these positions was a Community Development Specialist.  In this role, she helped coordinate non-profit groups to organize community-wide initiatives.  Working so closely with hundreds of non-profit groups, Ms. McFarland realized that the need for technology and computer resources was not limited to specific non-profit groups.  

After many years in the non-profit sector, Ms. McFarland helped to establish ArcByte, Inc.  While ArcByte, Inc. is a for-profit organization, Ms. McFarland has worked diligently to ensure that ArcByte donates resources to non-profit groups who so desperately need assistance.