Non-Profit Support



Why are you doing this program?
ArcByte, Inc. created this program for two reasons.  First of all, one of our founders dedicates her personal time to assisting non-profit groups find funds for technology-related initiatives.  Secondly, it makes sound economic sense for us.  Instead of needing a large sales force, we have decided to support non-profit groups.

What kind of paperwork is involved?
You will need to fill out the initial forms to sign up for the program.  We don't ask for any accounting of the funds that we have sent to you.  Although it is not a requirement of the program, we do like to hear about wonderful things that our donations have supported.  Please feel free to send us letters describing how our funds helped your organization.

How much work do we have to do? 
That is really up to your group regarding how much effort you put into fundraising.  This is simply another way to raise funds.  Probably the simplest way to incorporate this program is to include an extra Flier with your mailings letting people know that they can help support you this way.  Some sample Fliers and promotion materials are included here.

Does the money have to go toward technology or computers?
No, it does not.  The donation is not tied to a particular purpose.  The fundraising monies are not donated for any particular purpose.  Use them as money to enhance an existing program, start a new program, or use them as matching funds for a grant.  It's really up to your organization's needs.  As stated previously, we do like to hear how our funds helped your organization.

ArcByte is investigating starting a mini-grant program.  If and when we start the mini-grant program, those funds might be given with the idea of supporting the use of technology.  We are still addressing the issues of undertaking such a program.

Can any non-profit group participate?
ArcByte reserves the right to accept or reject applications to our program.  ArcByte also reserves the right to end a group's participation in the program or to end the program in it's entirety.  We reserve these rights because we do not wish to support groups who propagate hate, racial intolerance or other values that we find unacceptable.  

But our group is working on a really politically/emotionally charged issue, can we participate?
We do not eliminate groups because their issue is politically or emotionally charged.  If you are unsure if your group would qualify for the program, fill out the paperwork and turn it in.  If you call to ask if we will approve your group, we will not be able to tell you if your group will be accepted.  The decision is made by committee.  The vast majority of non-profit groups are accepted. 

Do you support church groups / school groups, or do you have to be an independent non-profit?
ArcByte does support church sponsored groups and programs, as well as schools, little-league programs, and a variety of other non-profit groups with this program. 

Your form asks if you can use our name.  Where will you use our name?
We are considering promoting that ArcByte has this program.  Customers who are interested in our services can view a list of participating non-profit groups.  We would list your organization and your promotion number. If this customer wishes to help support you, they can then use that promotion number to indicate that the 5% of their purchase should go to your group.  We are asking for permission now so that we don't have to contact everyone again later. 

Your forms say that you can disclose the amount that you have donated to us.  Why do you have that requirement?
We have that requirement because we have to disclose our accounts to certain organizations, namely our board, our accounting firm and the federal government when we pay our taxes.  We cannot anticipate all the circumstances where we might disclose the amount of funds paid to the participating groups.

What happens after I send in the forms?
When we receive your application, it will be reviewed.  If your application is missing anything, we will return the application indicating any material that is missing.  A big tip on this part is to make sure you include proof that you are a non-profit.  

The second step is to approve your application.  As stated before, we do not support groups who propagate hate, racial intolerance or other values that we find unacceptable.

If you are approved, then we will e-mail you your promotion code, if you have supplied an e-mail address.  We then send your welcome materials in the mail to the address supplied on the registration form.